ITAMCO awarded one of the Top Supply Chain Innovators of 2016

ITAMCO, a manufacturer of precision-machined components, has connected its forklifts to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). A communication system notifies a material handler as soon as materials are ready to go to the next work area within Itamco’s manufacturing facilities. Each forklift is linked to Itamco’s ERP system through its GPS and an application on a smart tablet mounted in the forklift. Forklift operators are notified via their smart devices when they’re needed. Itamco has seen a 10% reduction in the time it takes to get material ready for the next operation...

ITAMCO Visits the White House

Wednesday, Joel Neidig stood in front of a crowded room at the White House to talk about the success his company and other manufacturers have made and the future of manufacturing in the United States...

Progress Toward a Model for DMLS

“Distortion, delamination and failure are common challenges with direct metal laser sintering (DMLS). A project funded by America Makes and sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory aims to help manufacturers meet these challenges...

America Makes Announces Project Call Awardees $11 Million

“Led by Wolf Robotics, in conjunction with Caterpillar Inc.; EWI; GKN Aerospace; IPG Photonics Corporation; ITAMCO; Lincoln Electric Company; Oak Ridge National Lab; United Technologies Corporation; and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, this project will position the AM industrial user base to take advantage of the lower cost and increased flexibility associated with scalable, multi-axis (nine and above) robot systems. The project team will build upon an existing alpha generation CAD to Path AM Robotic Software tool; test and refine the CAD to Path tool for a commercial first release; and conduct basic process testing to bundle it with a multi-process, multi-meter, multi-material, production-ready robot-based 3DP system...

Inaugural Smart Manufacturing Magazine Recognizes 30 Advanced Manufacturing Visionaries

“The first issue of Smart Manufacturing is really a celebration of many of those in manufacturing who have had the foresight to develop and adopt cutting-edge digital technologies and drive manufacturing into a new era of competitiveness,” said Sarah A. Webster, editor in chief of Advanced Manufacturing Media. “These leaders are helping to make U.S. manufacturing more competitive every day." ITAMCO has been named as one of the visionaries...

Data-driven manufacturing

ITAMCO pushes the innovation envelope to serve its customers and workforce...

Smart Glasses may have a future at work

In America, ITAMCO, an Indiana-based engineering company, has found similar benefits for its customers. Having data automatically pop into their field of view...

The Logistics Landscape Is Wide Open for the Internet of Things

Twenty billion. That's the estimated number of devices that will be connected to the Internet by 2020, according to analyst firm Gartner (currently, 5 billion connected things are in use). It's part of the global push behind what's known as the Internet of Things (IoT), defined by Gartner as "the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment...

At MIT, a glimpse into our techno future

"There has to be a standard about how these devices communicate." ITAMCO has about half million square feet of manufacturing floor space, and its been collecting data from its machines for predictive analysis and preventive maintenance...

Internet of Things Improves Forklift Efficiency by 10%

ITAMCO, a manufacturer of precision-machined components, specializing in gears—from mining gearing to production runs of CBN-ground transmission gears, has connected its forklifts to the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)...

ITAMCO Expands Gear Manufacturing Capabilities for Drilling, Mining and Fracking Industries

The new machines will join the extensive gear grinder inventory already in use at ITAMCO, including the Kapp Niles ZP 40, one of the largest machines of its kind and the only such machine in the United States, and eight CBN gear grinders. The new equipment will be installed in ITAMCO’s temperature-controlled precision grinding center in their 385,000 sq. ft. Northern Indiana facility. To further accommodate the production of large-scale gears, ITAMCO utilizes Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machines that are ideally suited to verify very large gears, and the manufacturing facility has two overhead cranes, one with 40-ton capacity and another with 10 ton-capacity, ample loading docks and a rail connection...

Meaningful Innovation at Autodesk University 2015

Three Innovation Forums themed around "disruptions" explored inspirational case studies. For example, Joel Neidig, Developer and Technology Manager of Itamco, outlined how makers can bring together communication, design, community and augmented reality. Specializing in precision gear manufacturing, Itamco has manufactured robotic test joints that built the international space station for NASA...Watch it here

Precision gear manufacturer sees future of business in Additive Manufacturing

“The R&D award and subsequent results will go a long way to bringing Additive Manufacturing into our offerings,” stated Joel Neidig, Engineer and lead IT developer at ITAMCO. “As a gear manufacturer, we will always do subtractive manufacturing, but we recognise that Additive Manufacturing is the future of our business...

M2M and Wearable Technology a $230 Billion Opportunity for IoT Service Providers

As consumer voice and data service revenues reach their saturation point, mobile operators are keen to capitalize on other avenues to drive revenue growth. One such opportunity is providing network connectivity for M2M devices like smart meters, connected cars and healthcare monitors...

$8M Awarded From America Makes For 3D Printing Problem Solving

In most 3-D printing processes, depending on the complexity of the model being printed, the object will need support structures (think of an overlapping part), to hold up the part so that it can keep its shape. ITAMCO told me they are creating some of the software to help with this support optimization because few rules exist for designing support structures. Adding these supports is still fairly primitive and does not consider part orientation, distortion, or heat extraction uniformity...

ITAMCO Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Founded in 1955, the Northern Indiana-based manufacturer delivers precision-machined components to OEMs worldwide in mining, off-highway vehicles, marine, and aviation. The company specialises in precision gear manufacturing and their capabilities range from mining gearing to production runs of CBN-ground transmission gears...

New White Paper examines 40 case studies of Enterprise Wearable trials and deployments

Wearable case studies featured in the white paper include trials and deployments by General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Bridgit, Lee Company, Rogers-O’Brien Construction, British Petroleum, Cigna, Oscar Insurance, Abseilon USA, Sullivan Solar Power, Las Vegas Air Conditioning, CitiPower and Powercor Australia, Mitsubishi Electric, Northwest Repossession Company, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital, Medex Ambulance Service, UC Irvine Medical Center, Stanford University Medical Center, Dignity Health, Desert Valley Medical Center, Starwood Hotels, Palladium Hotel Group, Disney Resorts, DHL, UPS, Locke Supply, Itamco, Inductive Automation, Boeing, Rio Tinto, Motion Metrics, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Tesco, The Container Store, Walgreens, and Woolworths...

America Makes Grants Another $1.7 Million to University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering Faculty for 3D Printing R&D

Dr. Shankar is an associate professor of industrial engineering at the university. He works in the capacity of principal investigator of “Parametric Design of Functional Support Structures for Metal Alloy Feedstocks.” For this project and $805,966 contract, Dr. Shankar is collaborating with ITAMCO, Johnson & Johnson, and the University of Notre Dame...

ITAMCO Receives R&D Funding Award for Additive Manufacturing Project

A team consisting of Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO), Johnson & Johnson, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Pittsburgh has been awarded an R&D fund by America Makes, a division of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute. The team is one of nine groups to receive funding through the Institute’s third project call. America Makes will provide up to $8 million in funding toward these projects with $11 million in matching cost shared by the awarded project teams for total funding worth $19 million...

America Makes Announces Awardees of $8M in Funding for Project Call #3

Led by the University of Pittsburgh, in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson, ITAMCO, and the University of Notre Dame, this project will strive to develop parametric designs of functional support structures for metal alloy feedstocks for additive manufacturing...

MTConnect Institute announces Student Challenge at [MC]2

Announced at the recent [MC]2 Conference in Chicago, the MTConnect Student Challenge is offering a total of $33,000 in cash prizes for winning submissions from college students...

ITAMCO Named Autodesk Inventor of the Year

The votes are in, and Autodesk customer ITAMCO has been named the Autodesk Inventor of the Year for 2014. ITAMCO delivers precision-machined components to OEM's that serve a wide array of industries...

Protocol Fosters Factory Communication

Think your fab shop is too small or your machines not sophisticated enough for a communications standard that can integrate equipment from multiple suppliers? If so, it might be time to reconsider.

ITAMCO Gets Invite to Grid Cell Program

Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) was recently invited to display their technology products at the Advanced Materials and Composites Grid Cell in Ann Arbor, MI.

Manufacturing Company for 3D Printing Future

Manufacturing is one of the big industry markets that 3D printing is proposing to revolutionize – and ITAMCO, an Indiana machining and contract manufacturing company, based in Plymouth, Indiana, is one of the heralds of how advanced technologies can make that change happen in manufacturing.

An Introduction to Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Augmented reality requires expertise in: computer vision, computer science, information technology and engineering to develop the manufacturing systems and processes to provide prowess for where and how to implement augemented reality systems. For businesses with employees with factory experience, their background provides insight into possible obstacles that may arise.

Reducing manufacturing’s ‘digital divide’

ITAMCO makes gears for the energy and defense markets for equipment such as large mining vehicles, wind turbines and radar positioning systems.

ITAMCO Releases Three New App Bundles for Machinists

ITAMCO has released three new bundled apps: CNC Machinist, Practical Machinist, and Ultimate Machinist. Theses app bundles contain ITAMCO's most popular apps and are offered at reduced prices through the App Store.

ITAMCO featured in Fortune Magazine

Similarly, factory repair workers wearing smart glasses see alerts in their peripheral vision anytime a machine breaks down on a factory floor. ITAMCO, an Indiana machining services company, uses image-recognition software to help mechanics identify parts and tools as they examine them..

IMTS Draws 114K Registrations from 112 Countries

In the data-driven manufacturing arena, visitors were exposed to an exhibit provided by ITAMCO “Google Glass & MTConnect”.

ITAMCO Center Training and Donation

ITAMCO continues to actively support the program and has now donated a Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM) to the program.

Advanced Manufacturing Expertise Key To Future

Together with thousands of small companies spread across the nation, they are truly Reinventing America and redefining its role in the Global Economy.

Trade Show Preview: Advanced Technologies Promise to Pique Imagination at IMTS

Data-driven manufacturing, in an exhibit provided by ITAMCO's "Google Glass & MTConnect" and a presentation about how emerging technology is enabling both people and equipment to collect and process the facts they need to achieve better results. West Building, Booth W-10

National journalist to tell ITAMCO story

Telling the "cool" stories he sees around the nation is the task of T.J. McCue and his "Driven by Design" national tour.

Keeping Energy Production in High Gear

Worldwide demand for energy is growing.Fortunately, so too is the technology for producing energy.

IMTS 2014 Conference

Monday 9/8 at 11:00am – 11:55am. Manufacturing Future with MTConnect + Google Glass + iBlue

ITAMCO Wins 2nd Place in MTConnect Challenge

[MC]2 2014 Conference Attendees Vote and Award Three MTConnect Challenge 2 Winners

ITAMCO named Autodesk Inventor of the Month

ITAMCO has been named the January Inventor of the Month for using Autodesk Digital Prototyping tools — including Autodesk Inventor 3D design software as part of Autodesk Product Design Suite, along with Autodesk Factory Design Suite — to better serve its customers

IMESSC (ITAMCO Manufacturing Education School Service Center)

A Partnership between Plymouth Schools, ITAMCO and Ivy Tech will offer Precision Tool Manufacturing Training.

Google Glass Comes to Manufacturing

Using the MTConnect app, Google Glass can now be used for training and to receive and share machine operating data.

MTConnect: Two Shops Share Their Experience

For two shops in northern Indiana, using MTConnect for machine monitoring was just the start. Both shops are now ready to implement other promising applications.

Gearing Up to Make Big Gears

Over the years, this Indiana job shop/contract manufacturer developed a specialty in gear making. Now it is taking this specialty to a grander scale.